■Ishida Valve Group Info.

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Ishida Valve Mfg Co.,Ltd

■Tokyo Factory Ishida Valve Mfg Co.,Ltd|TOKYO Factory
7-227 Fukai, Kitamoto-shi
Saitama 364-0001 .JAPAN
TEL : 81-(0)48-540-5161
FAX : 81-(0)48-540-5162
Our Tokyo Factory is located at Kitamoto City in the northern part of Saitama Prefecture.
It concentrates on quality control and assurance for produced products, as our Production Engineering and Technical Center.
In joint efforts and collaboration with our other factories in Chiba, Tokuyama and Kashima, we can supply a wide range of products and meet users requirements for higher level of quality and technology.

Ishida Valve Engineering Co.,Ltd

■Chiba Factory Ishida Valve Engineering Co.,Ltd|CHIBA Factoy
1-2-66 Matsugashima-Nishi
Ichihara-shi, Chiba 290-0036 Japan
TEL : 81-(0)436-21-6561
FAX : 81-(0)436-21-8802
Since its establishment in 1963, the Chiba Factory has undertaken the maintenance of valves and the sales of product for petroleum refining, petrochemical plants and thermal power plants, particularly in the keiyo and the Keihin industrial Zones. The factory was rebuilt in 1992 and was provided with the latest equipment. The factory's operations have been streamlined and efficiency raised considerably, and now operates as a prime example of the company's maintenance techniques and as the main sales center.
■Tokuyama Factory Ishida Valve Engineering Co.,Ltd|TOKUYAMA Factory
50-52 Kuriya Nagiri,
Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi 745-0802. Japan 
TEL : 81-(0)834-26-1582
FAX : 81-(0)834-26-0451
The Tokuyama Factory is located in the Shunan Industrial Complex (four cities of Tokuyama, Shinnanyo, Kudamatsu, and Hikari) near the Inland Sea of Japan. It is involved in the maintenance of valves and product sales, its business has expanded considerably year after year. Our system makes the best use of quick mobile power and the newest equipment, and enjoys the strong confidence of users in Western Japan. With local demand expected to increase further in the future, users are relying greatly on the factory for high quality wxpedited maintenance service.
■Kashima Factory Ishida Valve Engineering Co.,Ltd|KASHIMA Factory
1600 Yanagawa, Kamisu-shi, Ibaraki 314-0252. Japan
TEL : 81-(0)479-46-0718
FAX : 81-(0)479-46-3950
The Kashima Factory was established in October 1972 in order to meet the demand in the Kashima Coastal Industrial Zone, one of Japan's leading industrial areas, and to carry on the maintenance and sale of valves for petroleum refining, petrochemical, electric power and iron manufacturing plants in the industrial zone. For more than 20 years its reliabilty has been established based on the system of "a smaller number of highly skilled employees is better than a large workfoce", the factory has achieved many satisfactory results in the Kashima Coastal Industrial Zone and also in the surrounding industrial area.