■Ishida Valve Group Info.

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June 1931 Ishida Valve Seisakusho was established as a private business and commenced domestic production of highperformance valves.
March 1935 The Company received guidance from the U.S. company, The Badger Co.,Inc. and started the manufacture of cast steel valves for petroleum refining.
April 1939 Ishida Valve Seisakusho Co.,Ltd. was established and took over the former private business.
Jan. 1949 President Kenichiro Ishida took office as the Chairman of the National Valve Cock Council (the predecessor of the Japan Valve Manufactures Association).
Jan. 1959 The company was designated as a model factory by the small and Medium Enterprise Agency.(Received the same designation in 1961 and 1963.)
June 1961 The company name was changed to Ishida Valve Mfg. Co., Ltd.
April 1963 The Tokuyama Factory was established in Yamaguchi Perfecture(the predeces sor of Tokuyama Factory, Ishida Valve EngineeringCo.,Ltd.)
Oct. 1963 The Chiba Factory was established in Chiba Prefecture(the predecessor of Chiba Factory, Ishida Valve Engineering Co., Ltd.)
Oct. 1965 The Tokyo based factory was moved to Omiya, Saitama Prefecture, to become the new Tokyo Factory.
Oct. 1967 The company was rated highly for its quality and technology by the American Petroleum Institute (API), and obtained approval to be an API 600 monogram indicating factory from the institute.
(Also obtained approval to be an API 6D monogram indicating factory in 1977.)
March 1971 Established Ishida Valve Engineering Co.,Ltd., a repair and maintenance facility for customers in the Japanese market.
Aug. 1972 This plant was designated as the "Authorized Plant for Testing and Manufacturing High Pressure Gas Systems", by the minister for International Trade and Industry.
Oct. 1972 Established Kashima Factory in Ibaraki Prefecture (the predecessor of Kashima Factory, Ishida Valve Engineering Co., Ltd.)
Aug. 1975 Concluded a sales agreement with the U.S. company, Lunkenheimer.
Oct. 1976 Concluded a technical agreement with the Austrian company, Hoerbiger.
Nov. 1990 Opened the new Tokuyama Factory.
(after dismantling the old factory.)
March 1991 Concluded a maintenance-related technical agreement with Dutch company, Mokveld Valves.
June 1992 Completely rebuilt and expanded the Chiba Factory.
Oct. 1998 Tokyo Factory was moved to Kitamoto-city from Omiya-city.
(Saitama Prefecture)
Dec. 2013 It was a Headquarter shift in Shibaura, Minatoku.