We guarantee the safe operation of valves with our own engineering expertise.

The technology of petroleum refining, petrochemical and thermal power industrries has developed rapidly, and the requrirements for high tecnology and high quality valves has increasingly expanded as has the role of maintenance services for them.
In 1963, Ishida Valve Mfg. Co., Ltd.
responded quickly to these requirements and opened a maintenance shop (the predecessor of Ishida Valve Engineering Co., Ltd.),and in 1971 established Ishida Valve Engineering Co., since then, the new company has expanded its maintenance areas from general valves to sagety valves, high temperature and pressure valves, which are all used in petroleum refining, petrochemical and thermal power plants, and has strived to support users need and requests.
High technical capability and quick-service systems are required in order to carry out the maintenance for modern highly automated products. Ishida Valve Engineering Co., Ltd. has built up engineering and maintenance expertise supported by documented experience and its own technology to meet such requirements. In addition, the company considers quality its duty, to actively satisfy user needs by training highly qualified and skilled staff.